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  2. When referring to email, cc means carbon copy and bbc means blind carbon copy. Both cc and bcc are additional fields you can enter when sending an email. Every recipient email address you enter into the to and cc fields will be able to see each other.
  3. Before the development of photographic copiers, a carbon copy—not to be confused with the carbon print family of photographic reproduction processes—was the under-copy of a typed or written document placed over carbon paper and the under-copy sheet itself
  4. Stands for Blind Carbon Copy. When you send an e-mail to only one person, you type the recipient's address in the To: field. When you send a message to more than one person, you have the option to enter addresses in the Cc: and Bcc: fields
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cc means clan chat ppl always say join so and so's cc so cc mean clan chat Read Mor BCC is an abbreviation used in email, which means simply Blind Carbon Copy. A normal email address can have three classes of email recipients: the To recipients, the CC recipients, and the BCC recipients

What is the difference between Cc and Bcc? Cc stands for carbon copy which means that whose address appears after the Cc: header would receive a copy of the message. Also, the Cc header would also appear inside the header of the received message Placement/Assessment Exams are required for students who enroll in curriculum programs. The results of these exams can identify if you need to refresh your reading, writing, and/or math skills prior to enrolling in curriculum courses CC means Carbon Copy and BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. The terms come from before there were digital methods of making copies of things. You would have to use carbon paper to copy the document from. What Is BCC and Where Did It Come From? RELATED: What's the Difference Between CC and BCC When Sending an Email? There are three address slots in every email client: TO, CC, and BCC, which stand for [deliver] to, carbon copy, and blind carbon copy, respectively

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  1. In setting up this B-CC High School alumni website, we hope to provide a means for our alumni to contact former classmates, renew old friendships, share memories, get news about reunions, and find out what's happening at the good old alma mater
  2. Use the BCC Function on Emails to Protect People's Email Addresses and Names from Strangers-Truth!Summary of eRumor: A warning is issued about sending or forwarding emails to others that have an accumulation of other people's email addresses on it
  3. If you add a recipient's name to the Bcc (blind carbon copy) box in an email message, a copy of the message is sent to the recipient that you specify. Any recipients added to the Bcc box will not be shown to any other recipients who receive the message

I'm not sure exactly when or why the blind carbon copy (BCC) was invented, but I have seen it misused, misunderstood, and misfired too many times to count. The BCC allows you to write an email TO some people and BCC others. The people you send it TO don't know that others are secretly on the. Use BCC field when addressing mass mail. PLEASE READ and become a better E-mail user. This information is intended not only to make you a neater E-mailer but one that is more considerate and more thoughtful Starting school or moving up to Junior school; Moving up to secondary school; Changing school in-year; Grammar schools and Secondary Transfer Testing - 2020 Entr Tokenize. Another modifier is the Wstr modifier, which replaces whitespace between elements of the macro with str, a string.The str can be a mix of regular characters and special sequences, the most important sequence being \n which represents a newline character (like hitting the enter key)

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NOTE: In our ongoing effort to provide the best email experience, while protecting our servers and customers from spam, we have limited the number of individual recipients a single email can have to 10 From Quora. I find this is one example of good workaround of email system. Typically, it's because they're accessing their email through a POP3 server which means that sent emails are only stored locally (unlike IMAP)

What cyberbullying is, how it works and how to understand and deal with cyberbullies If you need to send an automated email when the batch has completed running or if you're faced with a third party software that does not even support email notification, then the simple solution is to use a command line email sending tool for Windows

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  5. Receiving emails¶. Receiving emails. Setup. Forwarding emails from your email server; Fetching emails from an IMAP server; Fetching emails from a POP3 serve
  6. I'm not sure exactly when or why the blind carbon copy (BCC) was invented, but I have seen it misused, misunderstood, and misfired too many times to count. The BCC allows you to write an email TO some people and BCC others. The people you send it TO don't know that others are secretly on the.
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