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Corey Feldman needs your help today! Coreys TRUTH campaign SECURED - Welcome to the TRUTH CAMPAIGN PT 2: SECURED This has been launched specifically for 2 very important reasons. 1. We have had repeated complaints by many supporters telling us they were having problems donating on the main campaign site, on Indiegogo and their donations were continuously bei.. An announcement was made on Twitter accusing Corey Feldman of operating a scam and quoted a reply by the Rape Foundation in their letter. It is still unclear whether the response was legitimately from the Foundation. The suggestion was made online by critics that Corey Feldman needed to contact the organization to plan a donation Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign is moving along but as of Nov. 21, 2017, it has taken a shift in focus. Corey plans to turn his 2013 memoir Coreyography into a movie that will not only tell the story of the former child actor's life but will reveal the sexual abuse he endured while simultaneously at the height of his career Oct 26, 2017 · Corey Feldman believes the time has come to share his truth. The actor, who gained notoriety as a child in movies like The Goonies and Stand by Me, says he wants to break the dam of silence for. Courtney, Feldman's wife, wrote in the campaign page that most of the money would be used for their security, and that Corey had taken measures to make sure that no matter what happens to him, the information will get out

Corey Feldman reveals plan for film to expose network of Hollywood pedophiles which he says will 'bring down' the industry and asks for $10million in donations to make it. Corey Feldman announced. Corey Feldman is going to war against the Hollywood pedophiles who molested him and fellow child star Corey Haim — by asking for $10 million The Lost Boys star Corey Feldman named his film Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys, focusing on his sexual assault and the alleged rape of his late longtime friend and fellow child star, Corey Haim Pay Up Corey Feldman Does Not Need $10 Million to Name His Hollywood Abusers. Corey Feldman is trying to raise money to make a movie to name the men he says abused him as a child actor Corey Feldman has launched a Truth Campaign to finance a documentary about his life and uncover the truth surrounding sexual abuse in Hollywood. In an almost seven-minute video, Feldman.

Search query Search Twitter. Saved searches. Remove; In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @ Suggested users. Corey Feldman wants to bring to light what is happening in the world of entertainment — as In order to break the dam of silence, Feldman is asking for donations to finance the film. @Corey_Feldman. Hi! This is Corey Feldman and this is my official Twitter page. I LOVE God, Nature, & ALL LIVING BEINGS! PLEASE HELP ME EXPOSE THE #TRUTH! 4 ALL WHO DOUBTED ME, & SAID I WAS TAKIN $ DONATIONS W NO INTENTION OF TELLING MY #TRUTH,. As an independent label, competing w the Big guys is tough 2 do alone, but now m | Check out 'Elev8or 2 Ascension: The FeldFanFam Fundraiser' on Indiegogo

charities Corey is involved with several non profit groups ranging from promoting justice for victims of child abuse and neglect, environmental causes to animal rights to children's disease, homelessness, and even breast cancer Corey Scott Feldman (born July 16, 1971) is an American actor and singer. He became well known during the 1980s, with roles as a youth in films such as Gremlins (1984), The Goonies (1985) and Stand by Me (1986). In 1987, Feldman starred in the horror comedy film The Lost Boys with Corey Haim; they became known as The Two Coreys and went on to appear in other films together, including License. Corey Feldman sat down with Matt Lauer for his first TV interview since announcing a $10 million fundraising campaign to finance a film that would expose an alleged pedophile ring in Hollywood News Corey Feldman fundraising $10m to make documentary to expose Hollywoods paedophile ring. (independent.co.uk) There's already a documentary on this which Corey appeared in. I hope Feldman raises enough money to do this better. Maybe then it will have an impact Corey Feldman has not given up his crusade to expose the Hollywood Pedophile Ring that he claims has consumed the entertainment industry over the past several decades. While he's faced much.

The project Corey Feldman Facts is the brain child of Stacey Thomas and Kim Sterne. Coming from a perspective of being on both sides of the fence, we wanted at first to give people a place to come where they could find any and all information in one place Updated interview - 'Round 2' with Dre Adams - Former Bodyguard of Mr. Corey Scott Feldman. He does not fall short of things to say... Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE!! Support me on. Corey Feldman defends Michael Jackson and Wade Robsons set up donation page to cash in!! Nique at Nite. Loading.. (Feldman has claimed that he was sexually abused as a child performer, and has spoken out about his now-deceased former co-star Corey Haim's claims that he too was raped as a child actor.) Feldman is soliciting donations to produce and release the film, as well as to pay for security and a legal team to protect his family

Corey Feldman, a former child star, has been vocal in his efforts to expose the physical and sexual abuse he endured in his youth. He has even been trying to make a documentary exposing rampant child abuse in Hollywood, which has yet to be made But somehow when Corey Feldman uses the very same tool with asparations to make a film it's a con? Furthermore people have balked at the number saying it's greedy, or he doesn't need that much to make the film. Let me be very clear about this Corey Feldman claims he was stabbed multiple times by a wolfpack out to get him. I'm in the hospital! I was attacked 2nite! A man opened my car door & stabbed me w something! Please say. Corey Feldman has launched a Truth Campaign to finance a documentary about his life and uncover the truth surrounding sexual abuse in Hollywood. In an almost seven-minute video, Feldman.

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  1. Corey Feldman, a former child star, has been vocal in his efforts to expose the physical and sexual abuse he endured in his youth. He has even been trying to make a documentary exposing rampant child abuse in Hollywood, which has yet to be made
  2. The truth will be revealed if people donate to my campaign, Feldman said, explaining that the Lifetime movie is a G Rated version of the actual events of his life. Robach: So you know the names of the men you say abused Corey Haim? You witnessed them walking into, and Corey then telling you what happened
  3. Corey Feldman, however, claims the incident is the result of vile online attackers who've formed a wolfpack to bring him down. He believes this attack is not only connected, but in response to.
  4. Corey Feldman Stabbed him because the police said there were no visible stab wounds or lacerations on Feldman's body. trying to solicit donations to make a documentary about his time in.
  5. Apparently the donations have dried up and the former A list teen mostly movie actor is actually going to have to hit the convention circuit to make some money and find some new donations. Do not donate. Corey Feldman. 31. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#2*
  6. Donations. Corey Feldman To Hold Live Question And Answer Event Today! Soumis par Aggregation le mer, 12/06/2017 - 14:43. We Are Change In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on empathy and the ability to empathize which has been decreasing drastically in.

The page shows one donation of US$30 since last night. Photos Corey Feldman posted this photo of himself in hospital clothes on Twitter, following what he claims was a knife attack in Los Angeles. Corey Feldman wants to right the wrongs of the entertainment industry. The former child star released a seven-minute video on Wednesday detailing his plan to shed light on sexual abuse in.

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  1. 'AN OPEN SECRET' Why Didn't Anyone Listen to Corey Feldman's Warnings About Pedophilia in Hollywood? For years, the former child actor's allegations have fallen on deaf ears
  2. Ex-child star Corey Feldman (shown) has long maintained that the pedophiles in Hollywood are everywhere, like vultures and says that he himself was molested by them in the 1980s. Now he has.
  3. Corey Feldman Frank Mir ultimately - a cure. Unlike many other non-profit charities, 100% of your donation will go directly to this fight; NOT one cent will be deducted for ANY expenses, salaries, or overhead. Criss Angel has funded the operations of the foundation out of his own pocket.
  4. In his memoir, titled Coreyography, he claimed that he and his late best friend Corey Haim were victims of pedophilia. The Busted actor has already raised over $57,000 since he started the online campaign. All donations will be handed to Corey Feldman regardless of whether or not he reaches his target of $10 million

Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, Martha Plimpton, Michael Jackson, Jonathan Ke Quan, Corey Feldman, Jeff Cohen, Anne Ramsey, Robert Davi and Kerri Green on the set of The Goonies Feldman's friend Corey Haim was also allegedly abused and raped, according to Feldman. Haim died in 2010. Feldman is raising money to make a documentary to expose the Hollywood pedophile ring, donations which would cover the production of the film as well as security and legal protection for Feldman Corey Feldman vowed to expose the Hollywood paedo ring which targeted him as a youngster in an emotional YouTube clip. Feldman posted an emotional YouTube video explaining what he plans to make a. Actor says he's afraid, living in fear Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com October 25, 2017 . Actor Corey Feldman has announced his plan to expose members of a Hollywood pedophile network while describing a frightening incident during which two trucks drove towards him at high speed

Today we present Corey Feldman, published in Jew or Not Jew Annual '89! written by former staff writer Leah Goldberg. Like, I know what you're thinking and Oh! My! G-d! Yes, he's only like the cutest Corey ever and he's like totally Jewish! Why didn't anyone tell me?! Anyone who's seen him can tell he's totally super talented Corey Feldman on child sex abuse in Hollywood: I would love to name names But Corey Feldman wants people to know that he knows about Oprah showed up with a half million dollar donation. Corey Feldman sat down with Dr. Oz for the second time to discuss sexual assault and pedophilia in Hollywood. After his first interview with Dr. Oz and Matt Lauer on Today, Feldman's credibility was called into question after the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's office denied having a record of the former child actor's accusations of abusers in entertainment They manipulated me into this emergency donation. The Haim family has not returned calls seeking comment. Last week, Corey Feldman announced that, at the behest of Judy, there would not be a.

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  1. There is one person who has spoken out about Feldman's open declaration to expose a list of pedophiles—Judy Haim, Corey Haim's mother—but it's not to congratulate him or to offer a donation as she believes the campaign is a scam. When speaking with The Hollywood Reporter Judy said Feldom has been talking about revealing names for seven years
  2. Although a recent report indicated that an unnamed source said video footage and witnesses were uncovered in regards to a reported attack on actor Corey Feldman in March, an officer with LAPD claimed on Friday that no such information is on file. The Blast reports that an unnamed source allegedly.
  3. Maybe Corey Feldman should ask pals Bill Clinton and Marilyn Manson for donations. Date: October 28, 2017 Author: Old Shep. Pockets of the Future | Published on Oct 27, 2017. Choice & My Friend Within- Paul Romano Author Page
  4. Wade Robson Changes Donation Page After Backlash From Michael Jackson Documentary Wade Robson has changed the name of a fund page he owns following backlash he received after HBO aired Leaving Neverland. The Blast reports that the fund which was set up through Hawaii Community Foundation, was initially called the Robson Family Fund, and created [
  5. Corey Feldman's long-awaited documentary on child sexual abuse in Hollywood has a harrowing title. The Lost Boys star named his film Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys, focusing on his sexual assault and the alleged rape of his late longtime friend and..

Los Angeles police are looking into actor Corey Feldman's claims that a paedophile ring is operating within Hollywood. Feldman asked his fans for donations to the project, with the Indiegogo. UPDATE: After police stated that no lacerations were found on Mr. Feldman, his attorney has updated the actor's account.He states that Corey believes he was stuck with a syringe, not stabbed with a knife, by a Hispanic man with two other accomplices. This morning, Corey Feldman tweeted that he was stabbed while in LA last night Actor Corey Feldman has announced his plan to expose members of a Hollywood pedophile network while describing a frightening incident during which two trucks drove towards him at high speed Corey Feldman claims he was stabbed multiple times by a wolfpack out to get him. I'm in the hospital! I was attacked 2nite! A man opened my car door & stabbed me with something! Please say prayers 4 us, Feldman, 46, tweeted Wednesday morning. Thank God it was only myself & my.

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The Hollywood Theatre is a theatre owned by a non-profit organization whose mission is to entertain, inspire, educate and connect the community through the art of film, while preserving a historic Portland landmark Corey Feldman Slams Wade Robson In Defense Of MJ Bonnie Lamrock October 8, 2013 News Four years after his death Michael Jackson is still surrounded by controversy but his longtime friend Corey Feldman never stops defending him against child molestation charges Feldman has publicly spoken out against alleged child abuse within the film industry, stating that he was molested when he was an 80s child star. In order to speak out safely, Feldman has organized an Indiegogo campaign to receive donations from the public to pay for his security. Feldman said back in October

Corey Feldman is calling for an investigation into the sexual abuse of child performers in Hollywood, a problem the Stand by Me actor says is prevalent and industry-wide. He recounted his own. Actor Corey Feldman, who has been making claims about sexual abuse in the US movie industry for years, has announced a $10 million plan to crowdfund a no-holds-barred film that will reveal all about his experiences as a child star; his remarks sparked a strong reaction on social media and supporters have already pledged almost $100,000

Corey Feldman posted a video detailing his New Truth Documentary that will reveal the Hollywood Wolf Pack at the heart of a death plot, while finally exposing Corey Haim's true rapist. Feldman has not started a new campaign. Instead, his Truth Campaign is still accepting donations with a changed mission that will grant Feldman and [ Yes, I grew up on Walt Disney cartoons too. I did not realise it but these cartoons are loaded with subliminal messaging that affect your kids. Walt Disney was a 33rd Degree Freemason Luciferian. Check it out: What are we letting children watch nowadays? These programs feed their flesh and program them to become rebellious Corey Feldman and Corey Haim's rise to stardom in the late 1980s is intimately chronicled in the new Lifetime movie, A Tale of Two Coreys, set to premiere on Jan, 6. Feldman (played by Elijah. The actor Corey Feldman, who has been a key figure in accusations of sexual abuse against powerful people in Hollywood, says he was stabbed by a stranger. Feldman posted two photos from the. Corey Feldman launches campaign to expose Hollywood paedophile ring - and says he is ready to name names. Former child star announces intention to make film about experiences with donations from.

Is Corey Feldman selling out his crusade to expose Hollywood Pedophiles? Trump Takes Down Over Two Dozen Elite Pedophiles Including Celebrities & Politicians. 277 Arrested in Human Trafficking, Online Prostitution Sting in Polk County. Steve Scalise Speech! Values Voters Summit! 84 Children Found After Sex Trafficking Bust Ends in Arrest of 12 — Corey Feldman (@Corey_Feldman) November 9, 2017. Many critics and skeptics of Feldman's claims have suggested that he is just doing this for money or publicity and that he should have gone to the police to make a formal complaint Former child star Corey Feldman has released an emotional video plea, in which he states that he fears for his life after Hollywood pedophiles have tried to have him killed since revealing he was working on a plan to expose them. Fighting back the tears, Feldman says he has lost 'too much' since he announced that wanted to reveal the identities of the pedophilia network that operates in the. Corey Feldman surrounds himself with desperate groupies like that chick who says she's his PR but years ago she wrote a book and wrote a chapter about Corey Haim and changed his name to Luke basically stating that he fucked her a couple of times and she became obsessed with him and started stalking him so he basically had to tell her to leave.

For years, Corey Feldman has been speaking out about the very real problem of child abuse in Hollywood, referencing his own abuse. In late October 2017 he was arrested for drug possession, and suddenly decided to start begging for $10m under the flimsy premise that he would make a movie about his childhood and tha Former child actor Corey Feldman has launched an Indiegogo fundraising page designed to raise $10 million (NZ $14 million) to create a documentary that he says would expose a network of Hollywood.

(FOX NEWS) -- Corey Feldman stated on Twitter that he was attacked Tuesday night in an incident the actor called an attempted murder. he asked for donations to help pay for security Former teen star Corey Feldman, who caught flack in the wake of 'Leaving Neverland' for appearing to defend Michael Jackson on social media, now wonders if the singer was grooming him. Continue to full news article. Google This Articl The names of several pedophiles who work in Hollywood will soon be revealed, actor turned singer Corey Feldman told the Today Show Monday. In an interview with Matt Lauer, Feldman claimed he'd already shared many names with police in California in 1993, adding he'd been the subject of death threats due to his desire to go public with information concerning high level pedophiles in Hollywood Former child star Corey Feldman took to Twitter on Wednesday to address the news that he is being investigated for possible sexual battery, saying: We knew this was coming. The Stand by. For Corey Feldman, in particular, the film holds a special place in his life. TheWrap shared his thoughts on the experience: However, thanks to a sizable donation by Norman Lear, one of Embassy's co-owners, they received enough money to complete the film

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  1. Directed by Jason DeParis. With Corey Feldman, Kristen Renton, Quinton Aaron, Brande Roderick. Since 2008, the Babes in Toyland Charity Toy Drive has been one of the hottest tickets in Hollywood during the Holiday season. Thousands of children in need have been the beneficiaries of the generous donation of toys made by event attendees
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