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Find cruelty free products quickly and easily belo 11/21/2018 - I'm a bit confused by this article. Most of the article from the beginning states that Covergirl does not do animal testing, has pulled out of China, and earned the Leaping Bunny stamp without loopholes- yet the last part of the article says that CG is still not a cruelty-free company Get the list of cruelty-free brands in your inbox! Enter your email below to get my 10-page guide, Cruelty-Free Made Simple. Thank you so much for your interest

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  1. Did you know that 80% of the world would still allow animal testing for cosmetics? But it doesn't have to be this way. Hundreds of cosmetics and cleaning brands are certified cruelty free under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme
  2. Cruelty Free International: Cruelty Free International and its partners manage the certification of all the companies across the world looking to be cruelty free.. Companies producing beauty and household products which do not test their products on animals for any market can request membership of The Leaping Bunny Program, which allows that company to feature Cruelty Free International's.
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  4. Frequently Asked Questions Is everything that you make really natural? Yes! We use the finest natural ingredients we can find. This includes herbs, butters, clay, sea salts, and natural oils
  5. istered by the Vegan Awareness Foundation (official name of Vegan Action), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about veganism and assisting vegan-friendly businesses
  6. ated animal testing from every step of its production process, a.

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Ecover is a Belgian company that manufactures ecologically sound cleaning products (made from plant-based and mineral ingredients) and is owned by S. C. Johnson & Son Märkningar. Icke djurtestat är en lista över märken som garanterat inte testar sina kosmetika, hygien- eller rengöringsprodukter på djur. Alla märken som är certifierade har möjlighet att använda sig av logotypen Leaping Bunny eller 100 % VEGANSKT Highly Inspired body, mind and spirit From wellness gatherings to heritage craft making. Since 2016, Make & Mary™ has offered an experience into the world of cannabis through art & design

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  1. g to be natural and organic we've made it our mission to do all the hard work and research for you. We consider everything from natural, organic and eco certification and scientific research data to each brand's philanthropic commitments and stance on animal testing
  2. At Coty, we do not test our products on animals and are committed to ending animal testing across our industry. All our products are safe and have been developed, manufactured and packaged in compliance with the laws, regulations and guidelines that are applicable in each country in which they are sold
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  4. Unfortunately, there are more than three hard-to-pronounce ingredients on most nail-polish labels, and no governmental regulation on which, and how many, chemical omissions warrant a non-toxic.
  5. When it comes to shopping, it's often assumed that it's difficult to find cruelty-free drugstore brands. This guide from Logical Harmony makes things easy

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Boots is a major British High Street store for buying cosmetics, skin care, hair care and more. With all the brands available in store it's incredibly difficult to know which companies test on animals and which ones don't PRAI Black Orchid Luxe Serum Could your beauty routine use a boost? Infuse an element of luxury into your product lineup with this serum. It helps target visible signs of aging and helps optimize the environment for your skin's own natural collagen and elastin levels

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Shop Adore Beauty's range of Organic and Ethical skincare, haircare and beauty products online. Whether you're looking for certified organic scrubs and serums or vegan, cruelty-free balms and blushes, this page is where you'll find it Cosmetic testing facts: Cosmetic animal tests are archaic chemical-poisoning experiments devised more than half a century ago, such as rodent lethal dose tests (1920s), rabbit eye and skin irritation tests (1940s) and guinea pig skin allergy tests (1950s) In many parts of the world, animals in laboratories are still suffering and dying to test cosmetics. Learn about the limitations of animal testing and the alternatives available Leaping Bunny Certified* Alba Botanica is grounded in compassion and the ethical treatment of all living things. We look out for our furry friends by ensuring that none of our products, or any of the ingredients in them, are tested on animals

I always thought Lush is against animal cruelty so naturally I thought they would be a Leaping Bunny Certified company. I went to the leaping bunny website and was surprised to find that they were not one of the brands listed which left me a little confused Why Trust the Leaping Bunny Logo? There are many cruelty-free organizations out there, and many companies have their own claims to anti-cruelty. However, Leaping Bunny is the only one that has an ongoing monitoring system and not only checks the brand itself, but all the suppliers of all the ingredients used

Leaping Bunny ensures that the brand itself is 100% cruelty-free, but does not take into consideration their parent company. COVERGIRL itself is 100% cruelty-free (YAY), but they are owned by Coty Brands, which unfortunately is not a cruelty-free brand. Coty still has acquired brands that sell. The Leaping Bunny Certification means that neither ingredients in these lines nor the finished products were tested on animals. Shopping these brands is a great way to ensure your skin care and cosmetics are truly cruelty free

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What Makes a Beauty Brand 'Cruelty-Free'? According to the organization, CFI's Leaping Bunny is the only internationally recognized certification that requires brands to implement an ongoing supplier monitoring system, right down to ingredient manufacturers, in order to ensure that a products are cruelty-free on all accounts Brands certified by Leaping Bunny and CCF are considered cruelty free unless proven otherwise. Brands featured on our list that don't have any certifications have been contacted by me directly via email and our email correspondence is featured on the brand's description page. To access a brand's page, click on it's background or text title

With the addition of our Laundry Detergent, we are proud to now be Leaping Bunny Certified, a designation that upholds the highest standards of compassion for animals in cosmetics and household products. Ambiguous claims can make it difficult to know which among your favorite brands test on animals (at any level) - and which don't The only way to be 100% certain is to look for the Leaping Bunny Logo from Cruelty International (or similar organization), or contact a brand yourself for confirmation. Based on the information I have available I have marked the brands which sell in China in bold The Chinese market for cruelty free cosmetics will only expand in the future with the maturing of the consumers, aided by the explosive increase in the number of pets. The Leaping Bunny certified brands that have decided to wait to enter the Chinese market until a cruelty free entry could be secured will be rewarded for their patience The Leaping Bunny has the strictest criteria for companies to adhere to, more so than PETA, so you are guaranteed cruelty-free cosmetics if you spot the bunny. Photo: Courtesy of Leaping Bunny The Top 44 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands Hype Nail Polish. 5 free, plant-based nail polish. Made in the USA. Cruelty-Free. Leaping Bunny Certified

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil, £15, Debenhams; The Leaping Bunny logo isn't synonymous with airy fairy, hippy beauty brands - edgy Urban Decay also develops all of its products sans ingredients that have been tested on animals. The staying power of the brand's 24/7 eyeliners is legendary (hence the name) - swap your usual black for soft. The Leaping Bunny Certification helps consumers recognize which companies are reputable by placing a standard on the definition of cruelty-free. Wondering where to start on your journey? Visit the Leaping Bunny Program websiteand you will find a complete A-Z guide of companies that are Leaping Bunny Certified. These are some of the benefits of.

The Leaping Bunny is the most trusted cruelty free certification for non-animal tested products. More than 700 companies across the globe already hold Leaping Bunny certification, providing real choice for ethical consumers who want to identify and buy products that are free from animal testing The Leaping Bunny logo is used by brands that don't test on animals, useful for ethically-conscious beauty fans. Emerging market: China requires that all cosmetics for human use are first tested. All brands that are certified have the opportunity to use the Leaping Bunny logo as found on our products. Leaping Bunny is jointly developed by animal welfare and animal rights organizations in Europe and North America and is used in 24 countries where Djurens Rätt is responsible for the list in Sweden Leaping Bunny has higher standards for cruelty-free labeling than PETA. On their website, they have a long list of extremely specific criteria that must be met before a brand can bear the Leaping Bunny logo. Many of the standards are similar to PETA's, but Leaping Bunny provides specific definitions and more in-depth criteria for what. Cruelty-Free Brands for Cosmetics, Toiletries, and Household Products. This list highlights all of the cruelty-free Leaping Bunny-approved brands that have passed the comprehensive standard that companies must pass to be certified by the Leaping Bunny Certification. These brands are members of the Member Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) for Cruelty-Free Products

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White Rabbit Beauty opened in 2004, the first Internet retailer of Leaping Bunny-only brands. In 2004, cruelty-free products were nearly impossible to find. White Rabbit's mission was to make cruelty-free shopping easier, providing a store where all brands were cruelty-free, certified by Leaping Bunny Alba Botanica. This brand has everything from body washes to sunscreen spray—all with that Leaping Bunny stamp of approval.. Drybar. All of the products sold at this popular blow-drying salon are cruelty-free. Which is amazing news, because their new Southern Belle collection is the volume-boosting line you've been waiting for The Leaping Bunny certification of COVERGIRL marks a new milestone in this area as the largest makeup brand to be certified cruelty free after having met our rigorous criteria. As the biggest.

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  1. The Leaping Bunny logo will feature on all COVERGIRL products, the best visible and independent assurance to consumers of a company's commitment to ensuring that the brand is free from animal.
  2. Per Leaping Bunny, the program requires that no new animal testing be used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or ingredient suppliers. It even has a handy-dandy guide to certified brands and their parent companies
  3. Can a company be cruelty-free and not have the Leaping Bunny Logo? Yes. Joining the Leaping Bunny Program is free for companies (the only cost associated with the program comes with the optional licensing of the Leaping Bunny Logo), but is also optional. Brands must reach out to Leaping Bunny to start the process and lots of cruelty-free brands.
  4. China has taken a step closer to allowing cruelty-free brands to trade in the country after beauty brands announced their involvement in a Leaping Bunny Pilot Project. The initiative was founded by Cruelty Free International, in partnership with KnudsenCRC and Oriental Beauty, back in June, and aims.
  5. This Leaping Bunny-approved serum has gained a cult-following for its fast-absorbing, lightweight texture and potent formula packed with fruit acids. This was recommended to me when I was at.

What makes the move especially important is that CoverGirl is the first makeup brand of its size to earn a Leaping Bunny seal. Though Coty Consumer Beauty has had policies against animal-testing. We are a proud supporter of the Leaping Bunny Program and encourage all our customers and clients to shop cruelty-free. By shopping cruelty-free, you are supporting companies that do not test on animals throughout any phase of product development, including ingredient testing Is Nexxus Leaping Bunny Certified? No. Nexxus is not Leaping Bunny Certified. If they were smart, they would get Leaping Bunny certification. I mean, who doesn't want their brand promoted to over 10 million people? If I had a brand, I would get Leaping Bunny Certification! Does Unilever own any cruelty-free brands

If you don't see a certification label and want to be sure, you can head online for a wealth of resources. Check out Leaping Bunny's list of approved brands or PETA's extensive database of companies that do test on animals, or for a shorter list, their database of cruelty-free fragrances Once certified as cruelty-free, companies also have the opportunity to share their cruelty-free commitment with consumers by licensing our cruelty-free bunny logo for use on product labels and promotional materials. This step helps consumers identify cruelty-free products at a glance while shopping To help you on your cruelty-free mission, we've rounded up some of our favourite brands that are vehemently against cruelty to animals, but if you're curious whether another brand complies to cruelty-free standards, check out PETA's or Leaping Bunny's list of approved brands to be sure Our Cruelty-Free Makeup Pledge. jane iredale is a certified cruelty-free cosmetics brand, recognized by both Leaping Bunny and PETA for our voluntary commitment to no animal testing at every stage of product development and manufacturing. This pledge to cruelty-free makeup and skincare has always been at the core of our brand Recently, COVERGIRL became the largest makeup brand to be Leaping Bunny Certified by Cruelty-Free International. We are cruelty free across all of our products, everywhere we're sold. As we take the leap towards cruelty free, we hope to continue giving our fans the quality makeup they expect and deserve from COVERGIRL

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YASOU skin care products combine natural and organic ingredients with the exclusive Calityl-O Complex. Inspired by Greek tradition, every product in the natural skin care line includes organic extra virgin olive oil. Expect more from your skincare The brand has announced it will be certified with the Leaping Bunny (Photo: Instagram) Cruel and unnecessary We're delighted to partner with Coty to end cruel and unnecessary animal testing for cosmetics worldwide and have been impressed with the company's passionate commitment, Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty Free International, said in a statement Pure Chemistry® Main Brand. Dermatochemistry Formulas. Certified Organic. Certified Vegan. Certified Leaping Bunny & PETA. Sub Brands. Hyaluargan™ : Certified Organic Moisturizer for Oily Skins Top 5 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands The best cruelty-free beauty brands that don't test on animals are featured, with information about the companies and the Leaping Bunny seal. October 2, 2012 in Beauty & Hair by Marissa - Ohio Stat

The Brand Is Officially Leaping Bunny Certified. By Ariana Marsh. Nov 5 2018. While it's undoubtedly getting increasingly easier to find beauty products that boast clean ingredients and ethical. Big news, beauty lovers: CoverGirl is now officially cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified.The drugstore beauty brand announced on Monday that they have partnered with Cruelty Free International—which means none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals and this extends to the brand's suppliers as well The Leaping Bunny seal is an effective way to know if your current or next beauty brand is cruelty-free. The famous Leaping Bunny logo is awarded by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, a group of North American associations that seek the common goal of ending animal cruelty in cosmetics Our beginner's guide below lists brands that meet either PETA's or the Leaping Bunny's standards, unless otherwise noted. Top 15 Brands With Strong Humane Policies Household Brands Seventh Generation: This Vermont-based company is among the biggest cruelty-free brands, with certifications from the CCIC, PETA, B Corp, and LEED, to name a few. As part of its new Leaping Bunny Certified designation, the brand will only use cruelty-free products and ingredients (including those provided by the company's suppliers), according to.

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Welcome back everyone! Today is part 2 of my cruelty free series, I will be discussing the difference in the logos and organizations. If you enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe! Make sure to. The makeup brand is the largest to receive the Leaping Bunny certification from Cruelty Free International, an animal-protection organization that has given the designation to more than 1,000. Why Beauty Brands Still Test Their Products on Animals PETA and Leaping Bunny's websites can provide you with information on the cruelty-free status of cosmetics you love, and you can. Find great deals on eBay for leaping bunny. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay Logo: Shop by category. Shop by category. Enter your search keywor

A familiar certification . A 2014 study found that the Leaping Bunny logo was one of the most recognized and influential symbols. As Cosmetics Design reported, the Leaping Bunny certification logo from the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) was a consumer favorite, motivating 27% of respondents to purchase products with the logo and a comparable number of consumers to. I try hard to purchase products from companies that are cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny-approved. Luckily, many of my favorite brands make incredible products without all the bad karma

Brand New. $10.00. Buy It Now +$3.00 shipping. 8 Watching. HANDMADE BONE(BOVINE) BEADS - LEAPING RABBIT. New (Other) $12.00. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. SPONSORED. Leaping Bunny Rabbit Pin | Easter Rabbit Pin | Made with Fine Pewter. Brand New. $5.98 Leaping Rabbit Rubber Stamp, Bunny in mid. The Leaping Bunny Program. The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program is the only international cruelty-free certification program for consumer products. Dr. Brite is certified by the Leaping Bunny Program as cruelty-free, and you can find the Leaping Bunny logo on our website and product labels I've been researching cruelty-free kbeauty brands and would like to share that research with you here. It's a work in progress and not an exhaustive list. I welcome additions to the list! If you know of cruelty-free kbeauty brands I've missed, let me know. A Few Notes on Animal Testing on Cosmetics in Korea & China Leaping Bunny certification is the only globally recognized program that requires regular independent supply chain audits to ensure continued compliance. As part of the strategic partnership, Coty has also committed that at least one more of its brands will become certified through the Leaping Bunny program by 2020 Bunny Army makes cruelty-free shopping easy! Find cosmetic and personal care brands that meet your budget and lifestyle needs. Use your shopping power to help end animal testing

15 Cruelty-Free Hair Product Brands You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner. More like guilt-free, ethical hair care, am I right? The products in this post were updated in March 2018 YASOU skin care products combine natural and organic ingredients with the exclusive Calityl-O Complex. Inspired by Greek tradition, every product in the natural skin care line includes organic extra virgin olive oil

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  1. Logical Harmony focuses on cruelty-free and vegan products. To me, this means no animal testing and no animal ingredients. I think that it's really important to let people know that there is a difference between cruelty-free and vegan so that you can each decide which products are the best for you
  2. Today I'm sharing the secrets behind Leaping Bunny Certification. Now I know it's no secret that I love Leaping Bunny and I often ask brands to become Leaping Bunny Certified. Many brands try to claim that it's expensive and a very long process. I've done the research and today I'm going.
  3. Leaping Bunny. Created in 1996, the Leaping Bunny label or Human Cosmetic Standard (HCS) is one of the European pioneers [according to whom?] in cruelty free cosmetics. This logo, valid in Europe and North America, certifies: the brand in its totality is cruelty free; the absence of animal testing of the ingredient
  4. ating harsh animal testing

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CoverGirl Is Now the Biggest Makeup Brand Granted the Leaping Bunny Seal by Cruelty Free International. and one of its biggest brands, Dove, was certified as cruelty-free by PETA These bunnies are worthless. You need to be looking out for the official Leaping Bunny image, this is the only logo to assure a product is 100% cruelty free. You will still find cruelty free brands that do not pay for the Leaping Bunny (such as Lush) but it sure is a good start to help you on your journey Cruelty Free Kitty notes that Wet n Wild had been removed from the Leaping Bunny Program's list of cruelty-free brands, and this tidbit has spread like wildfire as an admission of guilt in the. Head over to Leaping Bunny's website to search an extensive list of other beauty, health, and wellness brands that are also certified. Jenna Rosenstein Senior Beauty Editor Jenna Rosenstein is the. Leaping Bunny's standards for determining what constitutes cruelty-free is skewed. Companies like Tom's of Maine, Method, Seventh Generation and Burt's Bees continue to be on their list of cruelty free companies however they are owned by conglomerates which DO test on animals

Companies producing beauty and household products which do not test their products on animals for any market can request membership of The Leaping Bunny Program, which allows that company to feature Cruelty Free International's Leaping Bunny logo on their products. This program sets global standard of operations and sales The Leaping Bunny cruelty free certification is considered the global gold standard for cosmetics and personal care products. It is the only internationally recognised certification that requires: (i) a supplier monitoring system to be implemented by the brand, (ii) checks for animal testing down to ingredient manufacturer level of the supply chain, (iii) adherence to a fixed cut-off date and. Big news for makeup and animal lovers: One of your favorite makeup brands just announced they're now Leaping Bunny Certified. What's more they're the largest makeup brand to earn the certification! Any guesses as to which brand can now boast this amazing claim? That's right—it's none other than. About Leaping Bunny Internationally, over 1000 companies are proud to be Leaping Bunny certified. Many display the Leaping Bunny logo on packaging to help consumers choose to shop cruelty free

Coty partnered with Cruelty Free International to announce CoverGirl's Leaping Bunny certification, which ensures that the beauty brand's products and ingredients are not tested on animals The Leaping Bunny certification program is the most comprehensive worldwide cruelty free standard and includes checking for animal testing down to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic.

They recently teamed up with Coty, the beauty company that owns COVERGIRL, and COVERGIRL's Leaping Bunny Certification was the first accomplishment in what will hopefully a long and game-changing. Look for the Leaping Bunny logo on the products you purchase; for those you do not see it on, ask the supplier to gain certification. This is how we can grow the movement. There now over one thousand brands that are certified and display the logo Like Leaping Bunny, CCF will not certify brands who's suppliers test on animals, or brands who allow governmental organizations to test their products on animals. The biggest distinction between CCF and Leaping Bunny's certification is CCF's stance about animal products used in cosmetics